If you are cutting wood, … Once it gets windy, you need to stop cutting or trimming. This drive tube must be properly attached (see manual) on detachable models but is not a problem on extending … STIHL Pole Pruners are ideal for tree maintenance. Most importantly, keep it out of the reach of your kids. To wrap things up, let’s give you a few tips on how to store your pole saw. So, store it where the seeping oil will not be an issue. Steve Nix. Don’t keep it in a place that should be pristine. Remember, power without control is very dangerous. Turns out you can put chainsaw head on ANY straight shaft stihl trimmer. You just need to attach the extension pole to the saw. If you are using your pole saw for the first time, we will advise you to seek guidance. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "sawcafe-20"; It is one of the simplest tasks to perform. It also features an inside (left-hand) guide bar and saw … MAXTRA 90-180 Degree Head Adjustable Pole Chainsaw for Tree Trimming with 10 inch Cutting Bar 3.6ft Extension for a 15ft Reach Gas Cordless Pole Saw (New Mold) 4.0 out of 5 stars 97 $249.99 $ 249 . Except for an FS66. I needed to make a coupler to extend shaft length but the whole thing works like a … Hercules 12 Inch Miter Saw Review – Is It The Replica of Dewalt DWS780, Central Machinery Band Saw Review – 5 Major Features, SawStop Hybrid Table Saw Review – Top Major Features. You just need to attach the extension pole to the saw. But they all have the same extension techniques. All you have attached to the end of a gas pole pruner is a small chain and bar. How to Extend Stihl Pole Saw. This cordless pole saw operates at 6.5 ft. or 9.5 ft. with the extension pole … $25.10 $ 25. This is necessary because the use of a pole saw is very dangerous. So, we will implore you to take the time to read through the user manual of your pole saw before you start using it. STIHL chain saws create international standards: they combine innovative technology, high performance, optimum ergonomics and low weight. When tall branches and shrubs are out of reach of your HT and HL KombiSystem cutting attachments, slide in the HT/HL shaft extension. It [the engine and and shaft] rotates counterclockwise when looking down shaft from head to tip. I decide, after much research and reading online, to go with Stihl, which matches a couple of chain saws I have. Guys, this is my new pole saw. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Rather, most of the danger lies in the branches and limbs being cut. User manuals, Stihl Pole Saw Operating guides and Service manuals. We have discussed how to extend Stihl pole saw and we have also discussed safety tips to apply when using a pole saw. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; STIHL Pole Pruners are ideal for tree maintenance. The branches could also be blown towards parked cars or the windows of buildings around. Accordingly, through a process of continual research and development our chain saws have evolved into a range of saws … to 11 ft. 6 in. And since you have better things to do than fiddle with tool maintenance, our professional You are using an out of date browser. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Its carbon fiber construction is also durable, ensuring it will stand up to your daily cutting routine. This could lead to a fatal injury. Miscellaneous Parts Spark Plug Parts Starter Parts. Select the preferred cutting/pruning/trimming head and attach it to the long pole. DIY Wooden Picnic Table Plan – Fantastic & Super Easy Idea. It requires a lot of experience. ONE+ 8 in. So, the cut limb will not drop close to you. Ensure you attach it firmly. The first thing you must do is to take out the blade from the saw. I needed to make a coupler to extend shaft length but the whole thing works like a charm. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Milwaukee Pole Saw Review | Cordless Pole Saw Milwaukee, BEST MITER SAW DUST COLLECTION – POINTS TO CONSIDER, DIY TABLE FOR MITER SAW | HOW TO MAKE A DIY TABLE FOR MITER SAW, What Woodworking Tools do I Need – Beginners Guide, 6 Best Tree Cutting Saw Review | Best Chainsaw 2020. Genesis Miter Saw Review – Why Should You Buy? In whatever you do, remember that safety is of utmost importance. 10. Lightweight, compact transmission with captive nut on the sprocket cover, optimised cutting performance due to the 1/4" PM3 saw chain, 4-MIX® … It is also not advisable to trim or prune trees when it is raining either. [Sharpening/rakers] Can't keep-even, just bent a bar and saw was cutting 'sideways' when in-cut, any tips. Only 8 left in stock - order soon. 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw 1.3 Ah Battery and Charger Included Keep your trees looking tidy with the RYOBI Keep your trees looking tidy with the RYOBI One+ Lithium-Ion Pole Saw. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Thanks to their high torque, even thick branches can be cut effortlessly. Forum software by XenForo® © 2010-2020 XenForo Ltd. JavaScript is disabled. Shop by Stihl Pole Pruner Parts. You must log in or register to reply here. It is not enough to cut with a pole saw. This exposes your eyes to dirt, dust, and debris. After using the saw, you also need to store it properly. There are several models of Stihl pole saws, and their extension poles vary in length. Although it is very likely that it has been explained in its user manual, we will still explain it here. TreeBuzz was created to help unite the Arborist community from around the world and provide a platform to share current information and exchange ideas that help increase safety, efficiency and professionalism in real time! So, if you have to cut, trim, or prune the trees around your house, you have to apply a lot of caution. Branches up to a height of approximately 5 metres are easily managed by our … Prune them with the redesigned STIHL HT 56 C-E pole pruner. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Turns out you can put chainsaw head on ANY straight shaft stihl trimmer. They are available in fixed-length and telescoping options. Your kids and pets should be locked away. Select the preferred cutting/pruning/trimming head and attach it to the long pole. This is in your best interest because the user manual is filled with numerous safety tips. amzn_assoc_title = "My Amazon Picks"; Extending a Stihl pole saw, or any other pole saw does not require any expertise or any experience. Delta Cruzer Miter Saw Review – Why Should You Buy? Once you notice that the blade of any of your cutting heads is getting dull, it is better to change it immediately. As for Stihl, its user manual is in PDF form. With these pole pruner accessories, find the right attachment to make your pruning job easier. Electrocution is better imagined than experienced. Ironically, the bulk of the danger in the use of a pole saw is not posed by the cutting tool. 99 You understand how dangerous it can be to prune or cut trunks that are way taller than you. It could come in contact with a naked wire while using it. After using the saw with supervision a couple of times, you can start using it on your own. This pole becomes necessary when you want to cut, trim, or prune tree branches that are several feet or meters above the ground. However, most of the tips that we gave below can be applied to other brands of pole saws. Powered by a low-emission engine, its shaft adjusts from 7 ft. 6 in. It features a lightweight gearbox that enhances maneuverability and user comfort. It has up to 72 pages. It is a very powerful tool, and the chances are very high that you’ll lose control when you use one hand. Speedlining a long dead limb that's hung in a nearby tree, Rope milking & adding splices to smaller diameter lines, Stationary Rope Technique-Half the rope, twice the. Download 17 Stihl Pole Saw PDF manuals. Branches up to a height of approximately 5 metres are easily managed by our … The other features included on this battery powered pole saw … How to Become a Furniture Maker – Learn how to design, Is Carpentry a Good Career – Challenges and Opportunities. So, you have to stay away from its path. How to Bend Wood | How to Bend Thick Wood? It was spinning backwards, lol. Don’t let overgrown branches loom over your property. amzn_assoc_asins = "B01DTIFAPO,B00MN4YCFA,B01N5610H6,B07VNB3WKX"; It may not display this or other websites correctly. Maybe you should store it in a place that is under lock and key. So, you may not be able to tell how the cut trunk will be blown. You need to have an expert around to walk you through the steps. Bear in mind that the chain oil will seep out a bit whenever it is not in use. That makes the working height between 15 to 18 feet. Professional pole pruner for orchard and arborist work. But, you can use the heads intended for CCW rotating engines. In addition to the extension, these tools offer quiet and powerful performance. Dealers will tell you otherwise. There is no worry about losing power or complicated extension … How to extend Stihl pole saw blades is very easy if you follow these simple steps. SPERTEK 3/8 6T Sprocket for Stihl Pole Saw HT100 HT75 HT130 HT101 Rep 4138 642 1250. STIHL pole pruners For pruning tall trees from the ground Maintaining fruit trees and thinning woods is a much safer and more convenient job with a STIHL pole pruner, for the "chainsaw on a pole" makes it … amzn_assoc_linkid = "87d1512cd0655c57e71f8f1b5bdbbaf0"; One more thing – we only focused on a Stihl pole saw because the brand is one of the most popular brands in the pole saw niche. Avoid trimming trees near power lines or other power facilities. STIHL strives to always provide you with the right tool for the task at hand. Stihl Pole Saws - For Sale: Stihl PS80 pole pruning saw in Atlanta, Stihl HT 103 Pole Saw in Bakersfield, STIHL 131 POLE SAW in Salem, STIHL HT 75 POLE SAW in Worcester, Stihl HT 103 pole saw in … The pole saw is not resistant to electricity. There are several models of Stihl pole … In this article, we explained how to extend Stihl pole saw, and we also gave other tips on how to use a pole saws generally. Pole pruning saw blade. Remember, you will be looking up as you cut, trim, or prune. There is a pole extension attachment. Thanks to their high torque, even thick branches can be cut effortlessly. Cap, Lid & Cover Parts Carburetor Parts Chain & Bar Parts. It is made of the same parts and attachments as a regular chainsaw but powered by the drive tube with a splined shaft. Now that we have explained how to extend a Stihl pole saw, it is important that we move to a more important issue that is relevant to the use of a pole saw. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false"; This is important because the wind can change the trajectory of a part of the tree that you just cut off. For the same reason, we will advise you to put on your goggles. Ask a customer care … Stihl offers a wide range of battery-powered pruners and pole saws. 4.9 out of 5 stars 20. This extender lengthens the shaft by 37” and is extremely lightweight (less than 2 lbs.). I posted a YouTube vid on how to do this. Never attempt to control your pole saw with one hand. — allowing professionals to reach … Dull blades will only slow you down. A large part of the manual is meant for safety tips. It can lead to serious injuries. The Husqvarna pole saw and the Stihl pole saw both run on gas, therefore, these are guaranteed to have relentless power for many applications. For those hard-to-get to trees, the HT 101 STIHL telescoping pole pruner will take you there. Tool Shop Miter Saw Review – Why Should You Buy? We will advise that you store it in a dry and well-ventilated place. It is necessary to apply all safety tips. Virtually all pole saws come with a user manual. The issue is safety. Somehow I overlooked that part when I was trying to convert mine into an echo PAS type system. Copyright © 2018-2020 TreeBuzz.com Also, make sure nobody is around the place. So, let’s get down to the business of the day. Dealers will tell you otherwise. Don’t cut limbs with the nose of the guide bar, and never let the nose of the guide bar come in contact with any object. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; To avoid kickbacks, you should cut only one limb at a time. Ensure you attach it firmly. Like many of the other pole saws on this list, this one also comes with an 8-inch cutting bar and the telescoping pole can extend to 10 feet. You must consider where the cut branches may land. The wind could blow it in your direction, and that can lead to a serious injury. Mine is the HT131 and it will cut anything you got, I even run a 14 inch bar on … Trimmer Head Parts. new oem stihl 12"-14" (mini) bar scabbard cover sleeve gaurd pole saw chain saw 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - NEW OEM STIHL 12"-14" (MINI) BAR SCABBARD COVER SLEEVE GAURD POLE SAW CHAIN SAW It all depends on hard you wanna work, If your using a hand pole saw for a lot of limbing you are a bad dude. FREE Shipping. In the user manual of a Stihl pole saw, it is stated clearly that you should leave a distance of at least 15 meters or 50 feet from the base of the tree whose limbs you want to cut.
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