As tempting as it is, I can only speak for myself in saying that loners aren’t crazed serial killers. Being alone can ferment your brain, so to speak. ( Log Out /  For me, the pros outweigh the cons, here they are. We need relationships to help with our careers, build our brand, get buy-in for projects, and a host of other areas of our lives. So… Why do I come off as that? But at the same time, I know that those magical unicorns probably aren’t always frolicking in flowers and pooping sprinkles. As a loner you get caught up in your thoughts. Cons: You have to learn how to create a careful balance of having a drink at a bar alone and being the creeper in the corner with several empty pints on the table. RELATED: A Love Letter To Being A Loner. ( Log Out /  Pros: The biggest pro of being an introvert is that you flourish being alone and you can always find some way to entertain yourself. Charity working loners, thumb-sucking loners, book-reading loners, all perfectly content in their quiet world – not hateful towards humanity, or vengeful, or disturbed. At some point, I believe that once individuals master themselves, they need to master others. I’ve surfed YouTube for hours on end, finding bands like Tides of Man and Imogen Heap to name a few. I’ve realized the weight of outside advice destroys personal decision â€” something every independent person needs. Seriously, I often work for 12 hours and then train my dogs into the late hours of the night. As a loner, these are my dilemmas and may be yours too, problems socialites don’t have to ponder. When you ask yourself what’s wrong with being a loner, keep in mind that the very people who make you ask that question are fundamentally ignorant, confused and many times afraid of the unknown world of loners. People not messing with your shit. Being bombarded by other people opinions can slow you down. I like exploring abstract ideas. Plus, loners had the reputation of being anti-social to a fault, whereas I had friends, and they most certainly were not loners. But seriously, the portrayal of loners as people who desire complete solitude is only partially true. April 22, 2016. When you’re not out with friends every weekend, you have a lot of time to yourself. In fact, every week, I make a schedule of the things I need to accomplish, allowing me to have control over my lifestyle. These emotions aren’t bad as much as they are dangerous. I love being alone. It allowed me to take a step back and watch the way people associate with each other and the way people are treated. Being a loner comes with a sort of unspoken “job description.” 1) You like spending most of your time alone, 2) You are self-sufficient and don’t “need” other people to fill your life, and 3) Socializing is … 8. When you’re a loner, your free time belongs to yourself. Being a loner means that you would prefer to be by yourself rather than with others. Living Longer: The Pros and Cons of Aging How status and sex changes for 60-plus seniors. I consider questions of death and the depth of free will. Pros and Cons of Being a Loner at High School. I spend too much of my time wondering what people think of me, that it causes me to come off as someone that I am not. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. My social skills are superficial at best. While relationships and commitments are the life blood of some people’s lives, they are also cumbersome. By Kaitlyn Wylde. The reason why these differences are important is because a loner can be lonely or a loner may be thriving in solitude. 7 Health Risks Of Being A Loner. I’ve traveled through my head discovering my special traits, like intense empathy coupled with my yin-yang-like detachment and dark humor. BYE!!! * You can do things without being judged about. A related downside to being a loner is lack of social skills. People won’t always understand why you’re turning them down even if you try to explain, so sometimes you might find yourself making excuses to get yourself out of certain situations. This is just a part of mine, and maybe a part of yours too. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Do you sometimes feel like you create a busy social life for yourself … My schedule is out of control. April 22, 2016. I ask a lot of philosophical questions about my existence and, with the use of the internet, am able to invest my time into abnormal psychology, philosophy and writing. ... (Parents made sure we valued being on time and getting things done “now”) but other than that it fit me very well. In this video we discuss a typical weekend of being a loner and discuss the differences of being a loner and being alone. The Price of Being a Loner ... My younger daughter, Kelly, started high school this year, and I’ve been amazed to learn how much discussion takes place over social media every evening. People who have seen Mean Girls will call them “plastics.” They were savage beasts with teeth as sharp as needles and red glowing eyes that pierced the souls of anything they gazed up; and the worst part was that they were disguised as porcelain dolls with perfect skin, hair, and anything else. Or just loners. Pros: The biggest pro of being an introvert is that you flourish being alone and you can always find some way to entertain yourself. We have seen many dealers recently ramp up their loaner fleets, and there are a number of reasons why. In a society that promotes extreme positivity, it’s hard to find resources on how to deal with these intense emotions that don’t apply to vapid advice like “follow your heart” or “keep your head up.” At some point I’ll just give up with trying to find them, leading to intense isolation. This extra time can give you the chance to delve deeper into your psyche. the bell just rang. Let’s face it, people can be pretty distracting. Change ), Pros and Cons of Being a Loner at High School, HOW TO PUT EMILY THROUGH SEVERE EMOTIONAL ABUSE IN SEVEN EASY STEPS. Like many loners, I tend to appear aloof and harsh in social situations, something that I used to worry about to a degree. This gives you all the time to plan your tasks and schedules. Being a lone wolf is what saved me. Echo chambers inhibit self-growth because they ignore challenge, leading to arrogance and narcissism, two things I know very well. Time to develop oneself: One the most important benefits of being a loner is that it gives time to develop oneself. 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