Although the details of the deal were confidential, it was speculated that it was a $60 million deal and there were mixed reactions from industry pundits since most of them could have never expected Chauhan to call it quits. The original Parle company was split into three separate companies owned by the different factions of the original Chauhan family: Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. We shall find out in the next part tomorrow.|, UPDATE: If it is not a long train journey, no one needs to dilute their whiskey. It can be said that “Taste the Thunder” helped Ramesh Chauhan also taste thunder. Following this withdrawal, the Parle siblings – Ramesh and Prakash Chauhan – broadened their portfolio by adding a new drink, Thums Up, to it. Parle, a company founded by the Chauhans family in 1949, bought the bottled water brand from Italian entrepreneur Signor Felice Bisleri in 1969. This can be seen in the way he handles his brands and employees. It is rumored that Coca-Cola even tried to kill Thums Up but soon realized the brand name it was known for. 1977: The Indian foreign exchange act was implemented in the year 1974 as Indira Gandhi came into power. Now, you will see what air plus water can make up together? image source: In 1993, Coca-Cola bought Thums Up, Gold Spot, Limca, and Citra from Ramesh Chauhan for $60 Million. During the signing of the contract, Ramesh Chauhan turned emotional & cried incessantly. What does S stand for in iPhone 3GS, 4S & 5S? The company had been unable to market bottled water and wanted to exit the market. On the other, brother Ramesh Chauhan’s Parle Exports had a stranglehold in the market, holding the majority market share with its Bisleri. In order to get a foothold in India, Coca Cola had 3 options: Coca Cola started with the 2nd option i.e Poaching bottlers. The launch of Thums Up by Parle While the Indian market was flooded with Colas, Parle under the leadership of Ramesh Chauhan was planning to re-enter the Cola market but with a huge experiment around the ingredients of the cola. Best thing you would've done this year. He always found a way of making brands a part of his consumers' lives. Parle Agro started operations in 1984 with Prakash Chauhan at the helm and his daughters who are part of the business too. Next Part: And he successfully did so. Ramesh Chauhan was helpless because almost every week, there would be news of one more bottler switching to Coca Cola. Now, the fizz market was all there to be ruled with little competition from smaller regional competitors like  Campa Cola, Double Seven, Dukes and United Breweries Group's McDowell's Crush, who did not have a vision like Ramesh had. His sources within Coca Cola had told him that the company was planning to kill his brands and promote its own brands instead. However, considering the situation (bottlers being poached) & the practicality, everyone agreed that Chauhan did the best thing. Gold Spot was later named after Parle’s famous peppermint called Parle Gold Star. Login using OTP He asked himself why would anyone need a bottle of soda when one is traveling for maybe just half an hour or so. 1969 – Ramesh Chauhan of the Parle Group buys Bisleri Ltd. from Felice Bisleri. On Sunday, the Chauhans were praying fervently for Amol — the son of Sharad Chauhan, cousin of Parle Products chairman Ramesh Chauhan. The original Parle group was amicably segregated into three non-competing businesses. Parle Exports bought Bisleri from an Italian entrepreneur in the year 1969 and began to sell mineral water in India. Following this withdrawal, the Parle siblings – Ramesh and Prakash Chauhan – broadened their portfolio by adding a new drink, Thums Up, to it. 1956: Nearly a decade after India's Independence Coca-Cola entered the Indian market and made fortune because India had no foreign exchange act in function till then. It was double-bonanza for coca cola because firstly, it managed to instantaneously reach out to every part of India, and secondly, there was no significant competition (because the leader itself was acquired). & Stay updated with latest trends. In such a scenario, The Strategist takes a look at how it all started -- with Bisleri -- and how Ramesh Chauhan, chairman, Parle Bisleri created a market out of pure water. Chauhan too did not see any potential for the product at that time. Signup with us to unlock all features! Now, this paid off. But, this is no laboratory experiment and you are not here to perform one. 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